Soldiers trust each other. That’s what makes it an army—not a bunch of guys shooting guns.

let me just talk to you about natasha’s face in the bottom left gif, when steve just gives her his trust, with no strings attached. even though she’s lied to his face in the past, he’s willing to let all that go and take it on faith that she’s trying to make herself a better person

meanwhile, fury, who natasha has been doing the dirty work for for years without question, didn’t trust her enough to tell her he was really alive. and it’s no more than she can expect, living in a world of spies, but it hurts more than she expected. natasha’s coming to the realization that she doesn’t want to go down fury’s paths or make the choices he made, and such a little thing like steve giving her a chance has rocked her world on its axis

About Frozen



Okay, I have had a couple thoughts about this movie boiling up for a while…they are observations, things I saw and experienced, more than actual theories of my own, so please bear with me.

The interesting thing about Frozen is how polarizing it is. People seem to mostly either adore it, or they absolutely hate it with a scorn that seems to go beyond the film’s faults.

I saw it, and I enjoyed it, but I did feel it had some story problems, and many other issues have been raised that make some sense to me, as well. My opinion of the film isn’t the issue.

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"I was at an event with some long-time animators once, and they all would not stop gossiping about how horrible Frozen was. They hated the plot, they hated the characters, and a lot of their anger seemed to be aimed at the fact that it was a success. Many comments about how the guy hero was a goof, and the other male a bastard. The gist seemed to be…this isn’t how we have always done these films.  And now that it’s a hit, it means our way (the traditional male-driven story) may die out. 

They were angry because a girl movie (their term) was a much bigger success than most of the boy movies they had worked on recently. And so every tiny flaw became a HUGE thing. It was weird to watch.”


I   didn’t   want   to   leave   her    a l o n e.

I mean yes she is annoying and can be really immature but she’s like, 12 years old in season 5 and she loses her mother. Then, her sister within the year. And her father left and won’t even fucking call her so she’s literally alone and has no family. So she’s bratty and acts out? How can you blame her? she doesn’t do real damage she just whines a lot it’s not like she’s hurting people. Oh and also when she was 12/13 she was told she wasn’t REAL and her memories were FAKE.
And they never think of her, they constantly forget her. Yes, Xander was busy rushing Buffy to the hosptial because she also got shot, but like, he didn’t think to CALL DAWN?

And then after all the shit she goes through in season 5, she finally gets a mom again. And it’s Tara. And she has two moms, really. And then they break up, so she has to deal with divorce. For the second time in her life. She she holds on to her mom Tara because Tara treats her like a person then Tara dies and Xander doesn’t even remember to CALL HER about Buffy/the shooting so she has no idea anything is wrong and she comes in to find Tara’s dead body and just wow.

Dawn is one of the most resilant characters on this show and this is not the best written of my posts but like, seriously. Dawn.


god bless sdcc


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Anna’s wedding

#lol Anna holding cotton candy at her wedding tho#ANNA NO


Anna’s wedding

#lol Anna holding cotton candy at her wedding tho#ANNA NO

Elsa and Anna visit their parents graves: Once Upon a time Comic-Con preview.[x]


Seriously, I don’t think it gets said enough in this fandom, but Harry is really such a good kid, and as much as the “name his kid after Snape etc etc” doesn’t make sense for multiple reasons, if it weren’t for the fact I couldn’t believe other people wouldn’t advise him against it, I can yeah, sort of see it, because he is way too forgiving and empathetic for his own good early on.

It was as early as the fifth book that after being pretty much mentally tortured by this guy, all he had to see were a few memories of him being bullied, and it was like instance empathy. “I’ve been bullied. I’ve been tortured. Now I see Snape has and I feel sorry for him.” Harry was so incredibly horrified at the idea his dad could have been a bully he was depressed for weeks, specifically because he knew what being abused felt like. 

Snape had literally laughed at his terrible memories, but Harry was shocked when Snape thought he would find his funny.

Really, the big difference between Snape and Harry is Harry is able to engage in empathy and self reflection to an extent I don’t think he really gets credit for. He’s the opposite spectrum from Snape, who can never fucking forgive anything and punishes people who weren’t involved. Harry will instantly connect someone else’s pain to his own and feel it like that, no matter what that person did to him. He grew up suffering, and instead of letting that close him off from empathy, he instead uses it to connect to other people and look out for them. I think that’s pretty amazing. He always values people who suffered for him and died to protect him, even if they were horrible to him, he kind of can’t let go of that connection. It’s a kind of forgiveness that’s almost unhealthy, but it’s also born I think, from being a person who just…loves a lot because they know what it’s like to grow up without love.

So my actual headcanon for that is that people around Harry on some level understand that Harry just couldn’t let go of someone else’s suffering once he felt it as intimately as he felt Snape’s and wanted him to do what he could to make peace with that.

I always remember when I was younger and fandom would talk about how Harry overreacted to stuff (especially in the fifth book) and I just always saw it as the same as me, really. When you grow up sometimes in a bad situation, you can go certain ways- completely shut yourself off, or become very sensitive and open to your own suffering and the suffering around you to the point where you’re just boiling over all the time. You can’t ask for help, but you want to help everyone instead. Harry was always a character I related too because I understood that, I understood wanting to connect with everyone and not being able to stand when something reminds you of that suffering. Harry really is a good character. You can say all you want about the writing in Harry Potter, but god, he really meant a lot to me, and still does strike me as a very accurate representation of how someone who grew up in that situation can act. 


Also yeah, I’ve said it before, but like when people are like “why doesn’t Harry ask for help more, why doesn’t he ask questions” THAT IS LITERALLY WHAT HE LEARNED HE WOULD BE PUNISHED FOR DOING GROWING UP. It was drilled into him not to ask for help.

Like the scene that will always break my heart is when Ron discovered Umbridge was basically forcing Harry to mutilate himself, and he was like “WHY THE HELL DIDN’T YOU TELL ANYBODY? WE NEED TO TELL SOMEONE RIGHT AWAY” and Harry’s reaction was “they’re busy, they don’t need me causing them trouble, it would just get them in trouble, they don’t want me to bother them” instantly and Ron was like “what the fuck man” because that is just so, so accurate to what you learn when you’re being abused and bullied. Do not ask for help. Do not bother people. They don’t want to deal with you, this kind of thing is normal and things will just get worse if you do.

It was just really well and subtly done. How Ron completely didn’t understand and was horrified but this was obvious and normal to Harry. Of course he was used to doing things on his own. Of course it was his instinct to keep it a secret.


I know it’s hard,Elsa.

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Anyways, yeah. Day I-Don’t-Know: In Sickness and Health (but mostly sickness)

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